Announcement of the Second “Silk Road Shot” International Micro Film Festival in Dehong

Announcement of the Second “Silk Road Shot” International Micro Film Festival in Dehong

To all film and TV societies, organizations, associations, schools, and individuals:

The second "Silk Road Shot" International Micro Films Festival in Dehong is a strategy of promoting the development of "Belt and Road" initiative with Dehong’s  resources and regional advantages; And it is also an example to enhance the cultural communication with South Asia and Southeast Asia by making full use of new media; it is a new way to tell the Chinese story with cultural integration;it is a practice to share the good life with people along the Silk Road counties, it is an effective channel to prosper the frontier culture development and promote the people-to-people ties along the“Belt and Road”countries and broaden humanities exchange and cultural integration between China and neighboring countries.It is necessary to transform Dehong's regional advantages into practice that promotes the “Belt and Road” initiative to achieve effective results and lead the deep integration of humanities.The second“Silk Road Shot” International Micro Film Festival will be held in April, 2019 in Mangshi of Dehong Prefecture,Yunnan province(during the Water-Splashing Festival). There are five categories including micro films (online movies), micro documentary, micro anime, micro publicity films, and public service films. The principles of fairness, justice and openness will be complied. International and national judges will be invited to make appraisal. The representative works will be shown on Television, Internet terminals and multimedia platforms. The requirements are as follows:

1. The collection time and participants
(1) The time for the entry collection: February 18, 2019- March 25, 2019.
(2) The expected participants
The film associations at all levels, college students, participants from various fields, film production units, film production teams and individuals.

2. The requirements of the entries
   (1) The types of the entries
Micro films (internet films), micro documentary, micro anime, publicity films, public service announcements and films that express China-Myanmar friendship.
  (2) The file format of the entries should be MOV, H264, MPG, MP4, RMVB, AVI and other files of HD format that can be opened with common players  (no bigger than 4G).
  (3) The entries should be works filmed between 2017-2018, and the length is within 25 minutes.
   (4) The entries should present the title, the end, the lines, the narrator, the background music and the personnel list.
   (5) All entries should be created by the participating individuals/teams with no copyright dispute. The organizer does not bear liabilities of infringement upon portrait right, reputation right, privacy right, and trademark right. In case of the above mentioned disputes, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify the entry.
   (6) The entries should not display contents that disclose the state secrets, damage national unity, or show bloody violence and pornography, including but not limited to the above items.
   (7) The entries should not contain contents prohibited by the laws and regulations of PRC and the participants’ countries.

3. Awards setting
   (1)  The Theme Award of the Second “Silk Road Shot” International Micro Film Festival: One winner.
   (2) The Best Film Awards of the Second “Silk Road Shot” International Micro Films Festival:
   ① Micro films (including internet films)
i. Best Micro Film Award: One Winner.
    ii. Nomination Awards: Three winners.
    iii. Shortlist: Ten works
   ② Publicity films
i.    Best Publicity Film Award: One winner.
ii.    Nomination Award: Three Winners.
Iii.  Shortlist: Ten works
③ Public service films
i.    Best Public Service Film Award: One winner.
ii.    Nomination Award: Three Winners.
iii.  Shortlist: Ten works.
   ④ Micro anime
i.    Best Anime Award: One winner
ii.    Nomination Award: Three Winners
iii.  Shortlist: Ten works
⑤ Micro documentary
i.    Best Documentary Award: One winner.
ii.    Nomination Award: Three Winners.
iii. Shortlist: Ten works.
⑥ Films themed China-Myanmar “Paukphaw” friendship
i.    Best Paukphaw-themed Film Award: One winner.  Bestowed
to the film that best displays China-Myanmar friendship.
ii.    Paukphaw-themed Nomination Award: Three winners.

4. Guides of Submission
(1) Please ensure the authenticity and completeness of the information in your entry form. The works, including the posters (in electronic version), the publicity films (in U disk or data CD) should be mailed to the designated address.
(2) If your entry work is to be sent through cloud drive disk (or disk online), please provide the link to the designated email, and send the paper version entry form to the given address.
(3) Please make sure every entry has clear information of the participant, including the contact way. Pleased be informed that the entry video and the text materials will not be returned.
(4) The author of the excellent works will be invited to aattend the grand ceremony and the excellent works will be broadcast on multimedia platforms as one of the public welfare activities.

5. The Contact Ways
The organizing office: Tele. 0086-692-2281115
Contact person: Wu Zhunsheng  0086-15987570911
                       Yue Zhaya 0086-13887870168
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: No. 3 Menghuan Rd. Mangshi, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province.
postal code:  678400

Please mail your work between February 18, 2019 and March 25, 2019.

6. Honor and Awarding
(1) The Second “Silk Road Shot” International Micro Film Festival sets one Theme Award, which will be awarded RMB 100,000 yuan (after tax), a certificate and a trophy.
2. The excellent works of the Second “Silk Road Shot” International  Micro Film Festival will be awarded a trophy, a certificate and a prize of RMB10,000 yuan (after tax). The author of the excellent works will be invited to attend the grand ceremony. The works that win the nomination award will be bestowed each with a trophy and a certificate. The shortlist of the nominee will receive the nomination certificate.
3. The excellent works will be broadcast on multimedia platforms as one of the public welfare activities.
4. The personnel of the excellent works will be recommended to attend the relevant international film festivals for communication. The works will be shown around the “B&R”countries.

The Organizing Committee of the Second
“Silk Road Shot” International Micro Film Festiva
                        February 18, 2019

The Entry Form for the Second "Silk Road Shot"
International Micro Film Festival